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Classification: CCS, RINA or any other number of IACS to be specified by user.

Protecting natural resources against unauthorized exploitation; f.

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Designer and proven hull provider: KINGTOUGH, world-reputable design group with fruitful experience in serving Zodiac Group for the design and engineering of governmental boats and already finished more than 300 designs for world-wide government authorities, also with a series of military boat designs serving Saudi Coast Guard, Navy, etc.

KINGTOUGH 35m Offshore Fast Stealth Interceptor has been Designed by Lomocean Design, world reputable stealth military boat designer, recognized as one of the most cutting edge stealth military boat designer globally.

The ECS12C is designed as a multi-function vessel that can comfortably carry six passengers and two crew.

The bow is mounted with one 5� vertical and horizontal heavy-duty D section rubber on the push knee to provide safe boarding for survivor transfer from large vessel and marine facilities that is on fire.

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