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In 1838 the library was located on the ground floor and consisted of some 9,000 volumes and among these were a tremendously distinguished collection of Greek and Latin literature.Not to mention an outstanding book collection on theological, Oriental, historical and literary history topics.When Christian Iversen died in 1827 his wife, Kirstine Marie carried on his work.

Unfortunately only open during the summer since the cold and humid wintertime made the books unfit for lending.

However, the reading room was granted a stove two years later to aid the book’s condition and the library could then be used all year each Tuesday and Saturday.

Henriette Hanck was hoping to find it and had been looking at both the Military Library and the Society of Readers and later at booksellers Hempel and printer Johan Milo. 10 – a building which was later demolished in 1970 when the town planning took over.

Before this it was housing Odense Klub – a club whose members chiefly were government officers or noblemen, and it was in those rooms one would find the outstanding Military Library. A down-hearted Henriette Hanck did not find the Encyclopaedia there either and went to Vestergade no.

By January 1813 both bishop and dean took the initiative of creating a library aiming at: ”maintaining the scientific spirit and increasing the sum of knowledge for anybody in the province who loves science.” The library was not meant to be open for anyone; first and foremost it was created to promote the clergy’s interest in their occupation and science.

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