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After just two weeks of dating, they moved in together. Couples who met online would defer questions about how they met or even make up a story far less scandalous than meeting “anonymously” over the Internet. A little more than a year ago, photographer Jena Cumbo began photographing couples who had met online for a project she calls “We Met on the Internet.” Cumbo said the initial idea behind the project was to make pictures that were a commentary about modern life.Since the Internet is a vehicle for connection, she said it was a natural progression for dating, especially since connections are now readily available via smartphones.

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Katharine had just moved to Boston, did an area search on My Space, and came across David, who mentioned on his profile that he had lost a lot of weight.

Katharine had also lost a considerable amount of weight.

I got out of it early and ended up walking in the wrong direction,” Will said. David put up an ad on Craiglist looking for somebody to watch a Red Sox game with.

Corianna was on Craigslist one evening after “a few glasses of wine.” She emailed him, he emailed her back, and then she froze up.

She said that although reaction has been mostly positive, there have been “a few mean comments from homophobic idiots, but that doesn’t discourage me at all.” She has been surprised by all of the attention and feels it is probably because of the project’s upbeat tone.

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