Moden dating Gribskov

The ditch is just one part of a larger network of ditches dug since the middle ages, to supply the Frederiksborg Palace with running water, to exploit the water resource for watermills in earlier times and to drain the wetlands so the land could be used for plantations.

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'Grib' refers to the Old Danish word for something 'without any specific owner', so 'Gribskov' actually means a woodland of common ownership.

On top of that, Gribskov is designated as an Important Bird Area (IBA). 1,200 ha of the forest has been reserved as 'forest to be untouched', in an effort to preserve some of the few spots of semi-natural woodland (SNW) in Denmark and stimulate the growth of new.

It was raised at some point in the neolithic Stone Age, about 5-6,000 years ago and is referred to as Jættestuen, simply meaning The Passage Grave in English.

Not far from the megalithic tomb are two round dolmens, one of which is heavily deteriorated.

Roe deer have lived here for as long as the forest itself, while fallow deer were introduced at some point during the middle ages.

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