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He has been a part of the world's top players for more than a decade, and in that period he was considered to be the best non-Soviet player.

He has been a World Championship candidate several times and in 1993 he lost a match against Karpov for the World Championship title.

IM Axel Delorme has the playing strength of a grandmaster, which his 2500 ELO indicates. Right now Jon Ludvig Hammer is just below 2700, but according to will pass this milestone next month.

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And in Denmark, the tournament was followed in GM Sune Berg Hansens daily chess column in the newspaper Politiken (the chess column is not online), on the på home page of the Danish Chess Federation and on other sites as well, e.g. In Germany, the tournament was covered on the German version of Chessbase and on Chess International.

And there is coverage on the international chess sites and TWIC.

The two brillancy prices awardedaf Tom Skovgaard 31/7-2016The two brillance awards, donated by New In Chess, were won by GM Jean-Marc Degraeve (left) og Ib Skovgaard (right), in the categories over respectively under rating 2000.

The winning games, chosen by tournament commentator FM Per Andreasen, are: Aleksey Dreev - Jean-Marc Degraeve (Round 9) Ib Skovgaard - Simon Wilbrandt (Round 8) You can play through the games by following the link and clicking the small board-icon for the game.

And the inspiring and entertaining lecture by GM Boris Gelfand, assisted by GM Jacob Aagaard, can be seen in its full length by clicking on the picture to the left.

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