Dating danmark Vordingborg

The Bromme culture belongs to the Lateglacial, the period when people settled in the recently deglaciated Southern Scandinavia.

Until now there have been only a few imprecise fix-points relating to the chronological position of this archaeological culture.

Jensen explains that the rowboat may have served many functions.

Jensen speculates that it may have happened on a winter’s day, when the boat has taken in water and it wasn’t thought to be worth the effort to try and pull it out of the cold water.

But although Middle Age people may have thought that the boat had outlived itself, the Danish archaeologists are happy to give a new life to the old boat.

The boat may have been used for inspecting such fences.“A moat has other purposes than just to defend the castle,” he says.“We can see in later written sources that many moats contained fish traps, and it was possible to catch fish directly from the boat.

But pictures from the period also reveal that high-status people could go for a ride in a rowboat.” The archaeologist says that finding a boat in a moat is special, since then you know that it has sailed there and you can guess what it has been used for.

The latter has never previously been found in Denmark.

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