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Here are plantations, cultivated fields, and large moors offering a plethora of experiences.

Since 2011 it has been a project to make West Jutland (Lemvig, Struer and Holstebro Municipalities) into a European geopark by the guidelines supported by UNESCO.

The project is well in the works, and hopefully in the autumn of 2017 Geopark Vestjylland will be found on the list of over 120 geoparks from all over the world, which contains some of the places, that best tells the story of how our planet’s landscapes were shaped during a span of millions of years.

At the same time the geopark tells the story of how nature and man have adapted to the conditions after the last ice age. Bovbjerg Klint – view the unique cliff profile of international class with its series of layers developed during the last ice age.

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