Young jon hamm dating show

Some were real facts, some were from opinion polls, others were just made up.On each statement, the couple decided whether the statement was either true or false.The bonus went through two different formats in its year-plus-long run.

Each correct answer was worth $50 and if the couple got six right in 60 seconds or less they won $300 and a trip.

It’s confirmed: Jon Hamm certainly wasn’t born with the innate smooth-as-silk nature as Don Draper, his career-defining character on “Mad Men.” While digging around the web today, we discovered this gem of a You Tube video that features a young Hamm on a hokey love-connection game show in 1996 called “The Big Date” in which three men vie for the affections of one woman.

Now it is up to the partner to guess if the statement is either true or false.

After the partner gave his/her answer, the mate whom the question was about announced the answer he/she gave beforehand.

The two formed couples played the next round to see who's more compatible than the other.

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