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Have just started eating quinoa and have made 2 salads with it which I love…Any hints or tips using this great “grain” would be helpful and appreciated!!! I love that you also try to re-create salads from Whole Foods — I’ve done that many times too, but I think your results look far better than mine did.

:) Also, regarding your tummy troubles, I feel your pain. I hope the diagnostics and the naturopath are able to figure out what’s up and find a good solution – until then, I’m sending many tummy-soothing thoughts your way! In my raw foods class I did we made a salad like this, but made it curry and extra cumin with plump raisins, but the rest of the ingredients were the same. This is beautiful too – awesome for a potluck type dinner! Actually, I’m not a big fan of most raw veggies, come to think of it. I haven’t tried this salad before but anything with anti-cancer properties is fabulous in my book.

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I have considered trying to find one for myself because I seem to have issues with various foods and it has been hard to try and pin them all down and I realllllly don’t want to do an elimination diet.

Although, I think that’s what they’d tell me to do anyway!

Have fun today with the naturopath; I truly believe that you can cure everything with food/diet.

Reply Heh heh, I love “stealing” the Whole Foods hot bar recipes, too!

Oh and I know this is a tad late, but related to your health post, I have suffered from syptoms similar to yours in the past and I have found that probiotics help tremendously! I ran out and didn’t take them for a couple weeks and noticed a big difference, for the worse.

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