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Sharing the legacy of the High Kingdom with their neighbours in Alteraan, the Sachsen people maintain a substantial network of primary schools throughout their settlements, and colleges in the larger cities.

Tutelage is free for those attending the primary schools, and in most places as well for the colleges, though it is expected that the local community support the college with funds and labour where necessary.

Zeugen, die den Unfall beobachtet haben, werden gebeten, sich telefonisch unter 0711/6869230 mit der Verkehrspolizeidirektion in Verbindung zu setzen.

Beim Gegenlenken schleuderte der Golf schließlich in den Gegenverkehr und kollidierte mit dem entgegenkommenden VW Passat eines 44jährigen.

Nach der Kollision drehte sich der Anhänger ebenfalls noch in den Passat.

Though the peace accord struck with their northern neighbours has effectively seceded it to their control, many Sachsens agitate for reclaiming it as soon as the opportunity presents itself.

The common colours in Sachsen dress are blues and whites with bronze accents, and eagle or runic motifs figure heavily in ornate outfits.

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