Single regeneration budget geography

Finally, I want to spend most of my time stating what I believe to be the defects of the single regeneration budget.

In talking about the problems of inner cities I do not intend to go through all the difficulties—it would take far too long.

Africa Enterprise Challenge Fund The Africa Enterprise Challenge Fund (AECF) is a multiple window funding platform funded by DFID and managed by KPMG with challenge funds in agriculture and energy in Africa (including Kenya, Tanzania, and South Sudan). Ref: Challenges funds and 'grand challenges' have overlapping features but are distinct for numerous reasons.

Grand challenges are often referred to as a 'family of initiatives' focused on very specific problems that try to find the best solutions to those discreet questions.

A third of the children in London are apparently poor enough to receive free school meals. Since 1979 there has been a massive reduction in the building of homes by local authorities throughout the country—perhaps one of the largest of all reductions in government spending over the past 16 years. Noble Lords will be aware of the cuts in the National Health Service; the closure of Bart's and Guys hospitals; the crisis facing the London Ambulance Service, and the fact that From July to September last year over 3,700 patients had operations cancelled.

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