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For decades the existence of this unusual finding was kept secret.In 2011, finally, the owner of the encrypted papers (a descendant of the finder) consulted British crypto mystery expert Nick Pelling and provided him three page scans.Auch ein Glossar und eine prototypische Kirche sind vorhanden. Wir wünschen viel Freude beim Entdecken der Kirchen!

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That is not to say that the prankster may not have included real information in here… But for me, considering it is most likely a whimsical fake, I would not count on it.” Nick Pelling replied: “Yet unlike Rich Santa Coloma commenting on Klaus Schmeh’s page from a few days ago, I’m not yet ready to call this as an outright fake.

Rather, what I’m saying is that the Blitz Ciphers seem to combine the instance frequency counts of monoalphabetic ciphers with the disorder of polyalphabetic ciphers and the inscrutability of homophonic ciphers.

This means that eight pages of the Blitz Ciphers are publicly known.

Here they are: #1: #2: #3: #4: #5: #6: #7: #8: To my knowledge, the Blitz Ciphers have never been solved. Gz Hu.w Adz Y Dp.z*k ECEz Ek Cwmed YT CMETCz Dk Czr YDE&Rgd VX CMEx LRpde&Tr Yj DEweed DC CTMEDk Ek&w Mjq EAr VSSd K DCTk EISABe Ddylb Id RMEDY g [email protected] EM*j RSMYwrde Dl *eeq El Ye SME*u KLm.

QDJE FIGq Jb El Dt Uj S Mg He EFj CHaf XElb d MEDSj FIDcj Ej e MDFZlp Vn He ECe After my first article about the Blitz Ciphers, several readers had a strong impression that they were a fake.

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