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Well, as intriguing her looks are, Ulrika embraces her age and married life too. Let’s find out what exactly is it that gave her nickname.

Ulrika Jonsson is currently 49 years old, but as we discussed, she still looks like someone who is in their 30s.

She says: “When Bo’s father walked out on me, and in fact just before Bo was born, I didn’t want to live, because I was so frightened.” In April, 2002, her name was linked with Sven-Goran Eriksson, the England soccer manager.

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Ms Jonsson describes Mr Collymore as a “monster” in her autobiography.

Just days after their baby girl, Bo, was born with a serious heart defect, German resort manager Markus Kempen walked out on Jonsson, leaving her suicidal.

She says that as well as suffering physical injuries, the incident had left her “f....d up in the head.” When asked by the interviewer why she did not report the rape to the police, she answers: In July 1992 she left TV-am to present LWT's Gladiators.

One of the many men with whom Ulrika has been linked after her marriage broke up is Hunter, the blonde beefcake from Gladiators (James Crossley, a body builder who made many appearances on the Gladiator television show). In September 1995 she joined Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer as regular team captain in their comedy quiz show Shooting Stars, and continued to appear in that show's season begun in 2002, alongside Will Self, Matt Lucas and Johnny Vegas.

Stan Collymore later said in a statement: ""My actions were totally reprehensible, something I am not proud of and finding very difficult to come to terms with...

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