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She also became friends with another really devout person, Lizze Broadway. She friend-dumped Lizze because she thought that she was being used for her fame (sound familiar? She started a little band called Girl Squad with two other girls then realized they were using her too.For a little while, she was also the spokesperson for a failed social network called Pheed. By this time she had also remade her tumblr, but didn’t use it as much.

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It was rumored that she had Michael and Luke’s numbers. One night over summer (like August) it was apparent that she was at the 5SOS house.

All hell broke loose when people noticed that Luke had refollowed her that night.

Although it was a little annoying, imo it was probably her nicest and cutest phase, she didn’t shoot her mouth off and was overall kinda nice. She was really girly and wore a ton of Brandy Melville.

She started dating Steven (@dartle on instagram) who was a really devout Christian. She also ate a lot of Taco Bell and started getting free food from them.

Her first hate blog was made (l0lsummer69, though i think the name was different then.)She changed her url because of the hate– to callmegiraffe. The quality era of Tumblr kind of faded, and people were going vertical. She mostly wore her hair straight, and wore lots of snapbacks and sweatshirts. She decided that she was famous enough to have a meet up, like many people on Tumblr do, to meet her fans.

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