Guessing depth from single image

This is better articulated nowhere than in I Love Dick, which has recently been adapted for television by Jill Soloway and Sarah Gubbins.

In anticipation of the on-screen version of the book, I spoke to Kraus and Gubbins, who wrote the show, about common misconceptions regarding the novel and the process of turning it into a series.*The novel's protagonist, Chris, begins the book by grieving a recent artistic failure: her film, which has left her in a state of financial disarray, has not been accepted at any festivals.

Even though I became a mother years before, I truly earned my flowers and breakfast in bed for Mother’s Day on a Tuesday eight years ago.

I was two weeks overdue when I checked into the hospital to be induced.

When an artistic project isn't working out, it can be a relief to refocus mental energy onto a more mundane infuriation such as unrequited love.

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