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Besonders Weinliebhaber schätzen die zahlreichen Weinregionen in Deutschland, Frankreich, Italien, Österreich und Spanien.

The publisher calls this an “essay” rather than a book of fiction, but it seems to be an essay structured as (or within) a work of fiction.

Rosenberg was the official National Socialist ideologist.

Through the ideological tenets which he expounded he exerted an influence upon the unification of German thought, a unification which was an essential part of the conspirator's program for seizure of power and preparation for aggressive war.

Rosenberg expressed his theory as to the place of religion in the National Socialist State in the "Myth of the Twentieth Century" additional excerpts from which are cited in (2891-PS): "We now realize that the central supreme values of the Roman and the Protestant Churches, being a negative Christianity, do not respond to our soul, that they hinder the organic powers of the peoples determined by their Nordic race, that they must give way to them, that they will have to be remodeled to conform to a Germanic Christendom.

Therein lies the meaning of the present religious search." (2891-PS) "Today, a new faith is awakening -- the Myth of the Blood, the belief that the divine being of mankind generally is to be defended with the blood.

Rosenberg wrote extensively on, and actively participated in, virtually every aspect of the National Socialist program.

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